Thursday, 31 July 2008

Through a glass...

Darkly, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

This week I've been spinning this lovely Wensleydale fibre from Adrian at Hello Yarn. The colourway is called "Darkly" and is a mixture of purple, browns, greens and orange. I've spun it quite finely and it's ended up as 201m and 12 WPI from 111g. It's quite dense but it has a nice fuzziness that means it's reasonably soft. I'm hoping that this will be fine enough to use in a pair of mittens, using a pattern also by Adrian called "Fiddlehead Mittens". The mittens have a stranded pattern as well as an inner lining. I'm thinking that this could be good for one of the colours of outer mitten, as it will sort of stripe quite subtly. However, the beginning of the skein is brighter than the end, and I'm a bit concerned that this might make one mitten much brighter than the other. Although I'm not bothered about them being perfect matches, I do want them to look like they belong together. Hmm, I'll have to think about that. I do have some more of Adrian's Wensleydale, this time in a lovely range of blues and greys. This might work better, I think.

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