Sunday, 6 July 2008


Tal-y-llyn, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

My Tour de Fleece challenge to work through as much of my fivre stash as possible has started well. This yarn is named after a glacial lake at the foot of Cader Idris. It's 50% black welsh mountain and the other half is my own hand-dyed merino, Faience. It's going to end up as a pair of Cader Idris style mitts (eventually). I've spun what's left of the merino into a 2ply to use for the cuffs, and I also saved a bit of the black welsh mountain to make a 2ply to finish of my Cader Idris top down hat. Next up is the Spunky Eclectic June club offering, Flowering Weeds. I'm just deciding how best to spin it. It's only 3oz so I'm thinking of doing something reasonably thin to maximise the yardage.

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