Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A sneak peek...

A sneak peek..., originally uploaded by Bright Side.

...at my first attempt at spinning batts. More photos will be on the way tomorrow when it isn't quite so dark!

In knitting news I finished the first Cader Idris mitt at my knitting group tonight. I had to rip the thumb out a few times to get the number of stitches and the cast off right. The black welsh mountain yarn isn't very stretchy so needs to be cast off very loosely, otherwise there's no way I can get my thumb through the hole! I've decided that yes, they are a little bit tighter than I'd planned for, but that they'll probably stretch a bit with blocking and wear. That's nothing to do with my itch to get these finished and get one with the two pairs of socks that are currently sitting looking unloved. Oh no.

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