Saturday, 21 June 2008

Happy Fleece Day!

Happy Fleece Day!, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

I had a HUGE haul at the Oxford Guild Fleece Day today. From the top left these were...

A dark brown and cream Jacob fleece: this is going to be perfect for some of the spinning I want to do in school.
An enormous dark brown Zwartble fleece: so much fibre! The staple length of long and it has plenty of crimp. It's mainly dark brown but has little threads of silver running through it, plus the lighter brown tips.
A light brown Manx Loaghtan fleece: quite a short staple length (compared to the Zwartble anyway) but gorgeous pearly brown colours.
Half a bag of soft cinnamon brown alpaca: softer than the last lot of alpaca (which I didn't think was possible!), and in a gorgeous shade of cinnamon brown. You can see how long and crimped the locks are. I'm thinking that this would make a great scarf- maybe a Clapotis? I've not made one of those, and I think this soft alpaca would be perfect for it.
Close up photos of the fleece are on my Flickr stream.

I also bought three 100g bags of Icelandic fleece. The colours of this fleece are gorgeous. They're a mix of greys, browns and coppers. Photos of those coming soon!

The Lake Side batts by FeltStudioUK are on the wheel at the moment. I've got one more batt to spin and then I can start plying. I'm going to put the whole thing into a centre pull ball and ply the whole thing together. I don't want to waste an inch!

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Moggle said...

You got the brown alpaca then :-) Oh well I got the dark brown/black instead. It's sooooooo soft!

I got some grey Zwartble too, and some of that yummy angora.