Sunday, 29 June 2008


Faience, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

Apparently (or at least, according to Wikipedia) Faience is an Egyptian attempt to make something that looked like the gemstone turquoise. That seemed a fitting name for this, which is sort of my attempt at turquoise.

This is merino wool that I dyed with procion dyes in turquoise and dark brown. I was aiming for a more spotty pattern but it spread more than I thought, so there isn't as much undyed fibre as I would have liked. I've already spun it into a single which when plied, will probably be around a DK weight. However, I'm not going to ply it with itself. I'm going to spin a corresponding weight single out of something else, maybe some of my Zwartble fleece, and ply it with that instead. In the end this will be knitted into another pair of mitts, based on my Cader Idris design.

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