Monday, 9 June 2008

Nesting FeltStudioUK Batts

nesting.jpg, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

Yesterday I spun these gorgeous FeltSTudioUK batts into reasonably even singles (it's a bit bumpy just by the nature of the fibres) and today I've plied them together to make a roughly sport weight 2 ply. The skein is currently drying, so pictures will be on the way tomorrow! The colours are a lovely mix of blue, greens and white. I'm hoping that it's dry tomorrow as I want to take it to show my fellow knitters at our weekly knitting group. I've made a start this evening on the mountain of alpaca to make the lining yarn for some Fiddlehead mittens. I'm carding it into rolags first as this helps keep the single a bit more even than spinning straight from the clumps. I've done about 20 or 30 g I reckon, so I shall keep going and fill two bobbins before I start plying.

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