Friday, 20 June 2008

Fleece in Our Time...

Tomorrow is the Oxford Guild of Weaver, Spinners and Dyers Fleece Day, and I'm rather excited about it ;) I'm going to be looking for something coloured, perhaps black welsh mountain or something with a similar feel. I've also got my eye on some lovely grey icelandic which I know is going to be available. I'm going to avoid anything which needs the amount of scouring that my bag of Teeside required. I'll report back here tomorrow with details of my purchases.

In spinning news, I've spun two batts of the lovely FeltStudioUK "Lakeside" fibre. I'm aiming for a sport weight 2ply, so I'm spinning quite fine for me. I'm really enjoying spinning it, it's just a lovely blend of colour and texture. It's a bit lumpy and bumpy where the neps are but I think that really makes it special. As it spins up it's really reminding me of one of the places we visited in Iceland. I love it! In fact, I'm so gutted that I've only got one batt left I've just ordered some more FeltStudioUK batts from her very highly recommended etsy shop.

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