Thursday, 25 September 2008


Allotment, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

Here's Allotment, 420m and 104g of BFL yumminess. It's much finer than my "normal" spinning, working out at about 15 or 16 WPI. I reckon with the faster whorl on I could go even finer, there's definitely more there. Anyway, I think this springy BFL would be perfect for socks, I'm definitely going to do a quick pair, although I am tempted by a pattern rather than a vanilla pair. I don't want to get like I am with the Copper Oxide socks though, which are languishing as they're so difficult to knit. I really do want something quick and easy with this, but something that will also show off the lovely colours in the yarn.

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Gorgeous! Love(1000)