Monday, 18 May 2009

Peat Three Ply

Peat, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

Russ bought me two more bobbins for the Ladybug for my birthday, so I've finally been able to make a "real" three ply instead of a navajo ply. As much as I love the navajo ply (no waste!) there's something slightly different about plying with three separate threads.

This yarn is 226m and 117g of superwash merino loveliness, hand dyed by Hello Yarn. The superwash process does make the fibre very soft, and I've ended up with a gorgeous bouncy DK weight, perfect for a BSJ.

I don't have any projects on the wheel or spindle at the moment. I shall take some spindle projects away with me over half term- perhaps some organic merino that I bought recently. I'd like to do more silk on the spindles too. Theoretically I *could* take me wheel away now that we've got a bigger car, but that might be taking it just a tad too far!

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Fiona said...

Beautiful yarn - I love the colour. It's going to look great knitted up.