Friday, 17 April 2009

Ishbel in progress

Ishbel in progress, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

After finishing my teddy bear for the baby, I thought I'd take a break from baby knitting and knit something for me. I've wanted my own small scarf/shawl for a while, so the Ishbel pattern by Ysolda Teague looked perfect. I'm struggling a little with the YO between the purl and 3 knit stitches, as when I come back to that section on the next row it all seems to have tumbled out of place, and so there are a couple of places where I've knit the wrong bit. I've checked that I'm doing the YO correctly, so I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I'm going to muddle along and see how it turns out in a few more rows.

The shawl is knit in my own 2 ply handspun, spun from Spindlefrog hand dyed falkland fibre in "Rockpool". The mix of greens, yellow and grey is just right for me.

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