Sunday, 5 October 2008


Ocean, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

I found it very hard to decide which of the lovely fibres Chrispindle set me in the swap should be first on the wheel. The merino/silk and alpaca are both lovely, but I decided to start with the "wild'n'wacky" drumcarded batts. The batts included merino, English wool, alpaca, angora, sari silk fibre, bamboo, cotton noil, trilobal nylon, angelina and braid. These were a very quick spin, from fibre to yarn in just a few hours. It took longer to get the beads onto the thread than any other part of the process! I ended up with 165m/73g of thick/thin/textured single plied with silky light blue thread with beads on. The combination of blues with green and purple highlights is really pretty, and the beads really make it sparkle.

I've had a slight setback with some of my Christmas knitting, where I've woefully underestimated the amount of yarn I'm going to need. A drastic rethink is needed there. I'm also having to wait for a pattern to arrive in the post from Canada- I thought I could buy it online to start straight away but no such luck. These delays do mean that I've been able to cast on for a different knitting project instead, which is keeping me busy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn. I love those shades of blue.