Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bootees for Sophia

Bootees for Sophia, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

I made another pair of Saartje's bootees recently, this time as an extra to go with the BSJ for Sophia. Unofrtunately I didn't have enough buttons to match but I did find these small wooden ones which were nice too. Hopefully I made them large enough that they should fit Sophia at about the same time as she grows into the BSJ.

We're back from Cornwall now and we had a wonderful, if slghtly soggy time. I finished plying the singles of my Spindlers quarterly challenge yarn- now to measure it and see if I made enough! I'm also about a third of the way through my Ravelympics Cowl jump event. The Posh Yarn is knitting up beautifully, it's so soft. Other than that, I have also started my next spindle project, which is the All Spun Up spin-a-long fibre. I've decided to use my Golding to get a very fine single and then I'm going to navajo ply it. I've only done a tiny bit so far but I'm pleased with how it's going.

In other spinning news, I've got two swaps coming up that I'm busy preparing for. I've just bought loads of fibre and bits and pieces from etsy for both of my swap partners. I'm really excited about the fibre that I've bought for them to spin with, it's from one of my very favourite vendors. I've also bought some fantastic fibre from another one of my favourite sellers to spin for them. It's really nice to ferret around on the internet and find out what your partner likes, before putting their package together. I've always been really lucky as my swap partners so far have all been lovely and it's been a real pleasure to go shopping for them :)

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