Friday, 7 November 2008

Estuary English

Spunky Eclectic: Estuary, originally uploaded by Bright Side.

This blog does have a ias towards Spunky Eclectic at the moment- what can I say? The colours are right for the sort of moods I've been in lately. This is my latest Spunky Eclectic fibre. And the best thing? It didn't cost me a penny! I was lucky enough to win a $20 gift voucher to Amy's store in the Ravelry Spindlers group quarterly challenge. Amy was incredibly generous and sent me two braids, which was a lovely surprise. It was really hard to decide what to go for but in the end I chose BFL (my current favourite fibre) in these lovely green and brown shades. With 8oz I have enough for a larger project. I was wondering about making it DK weight and striping it with some Cornish Organic DK I have in my stash to make a vest or cardigan. I bought a really cute sleeveless stranded yoked cardigan in M&S the other day and I'd really like to have a go at making one myself.

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